Short-Term Disability

Allentown School District offers Short-Term Disability called Paycheck Protect, through Trustmark.

Paycheck Protect helps to insure your livability and lifestyle, ensuring that nothing gets in the way or keeps you down. With it, you can go about life knowing if something happens and you can’t do your regular job, Paycheck Protect will replace part of your paycheck. That cash can be used for whatever helps keep you going.

If you are enrolling as a late entrant you are subject to a pre-existing conditions clause. For Maternity there is a 10 month wait after your effective date. All other conditions are subject to a review of condition 12 months backwards and 12 months forward.

Plan Features

Everything You’ll Need to Know

12/12 Pre-existing Condition Limitation (Waived for initial enrollment all employees & new hires only at future enrollments):

  • Definition

−Pre-Existing Condition means a sickness or physical condition for which you were treated, received medical advice or had taken medicine within the 12 months before the Certificate Effective Date

  • Limitation

−If you become disabled because of a Pre-Existing Condition, we will not pay for a disability period if it begins during the first 12 months from the Certificate Effective Date



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